Whether you are envisioning a complete home renovation or wish to dabble in the art market, James offers a wealth of experience in both the art and interior design worlds.

With a nod towards traditional craftsmanship, each project incorporates the best of the old and the new. From uncovering local talent to scouting out distinct design pieces, James applies a sophisticated eye and eclectic vision.




Painting: Shelly Mosman | Photography by Tom Bierlein 

Painting: Shelly Mosman | Photography by Tom Bierlein 


Drawing on the rich artisanal history of the Twin Cities, our Design Team, led by prolific artist James Holmberg, expertly guides clients through the design process.

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From creating initial design concepts and mood boards to redesigning an entire home, our diverse design offerings are individually tailored to meet your needs. All design elements, such as textiles, lighting, finishings, furnishings, furniture, and colors, are considered to create a sophisticated and welcoming space wholly unique to you.


Jim has decades of experience as an artist and conceptual designer, creating works of art that sit comfortably both at home or on public display. Are you seeking an entrée into the art market? Our services include learning how to start your own art collection, how to choose appropriate art, and art placement throughout the home.




Principle DesigneR + PARTNER


A Minnesota native, James Holmberg explores the ways in which various objects, once fragmented, have the real and symbolic potential to transcend time, space memory, and the vision of our common existence. His portfolio includes conceptual and installation art, but he is best known for his oil on canvas paintings. He gravitates towards minimal, abstract compositions. He has held two solo exhibits at the Minneapolis Institute of Art as well as showings at boutique galleries nationwide. 

James is a graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design where he continues to serve as an Alumni Board Member. He remains active in the Twin Cities art and design community to foster the next generation of artists. He is a founder of KineticMN, a collective of creative craftspeople and artisans in Minnesota. 

Edith Garcia

Fine Art Consultant


Edith Garcia is the San Francisco based fine art consultant for Kinetic Contemporary. She specializes in modern minimalism, representational, and contemporary urban culture including sculptures, drawings, paintings and contemporary art objects. She will connect you with emerging and established artists who create works of art with a deep resonance for you as a collector and supporter of the arts.

Garcia is strongly engaged in the critical research of drawing and sculptural objects with curatorial projects, publishing and creating works that reflect this passion. Garcia received her BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, MFA from the California College of the Arts and MPhil at the Royal College of Art in London. Garcia is currently a Professor at the University of California, Berkeley in the Department of Art Practice and the California College of the Arts in Oakland and San Francisco, California. Learn more about her work here.




Sam Devine is the founder of Kinetic Design Build, a boutique residential and commercial design + construction firm in Minneapolis. With over two decades of construction experience, Sam prides himself on his sharp eye for detail and pride in craftsmanship. A seasoned problem-solver, he works closely with clients to assure maximum safety and effort in realizing a design vision. He is aptly suited to oversee any and all construction related matters pertaining to home re-design and art installations. He is also a founder of KineticMN.


Sarah Anderson

Design Associate

Sarah Anderson brings years of experience immersed in the fashion, beauty, and home decor worlds of New York City, including serving as brand manager for boutique luxury brands. She specializes in creating vivid and engaging design stories, drawing from her myriad of interests ranging from history, culture, and music to interior design and fashion. A Parsons School of Design graduate, she possesses an innate love for all things design and contributes a refined aesthetic to every project. 



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